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Old Town Women's Self-Defense

The Old Town Police Department is proud to periodically host Women's Self-Defense Classes that are free to any woman interested in taking the class. This classes covers personal safety awareness and hands on self-defense techniques.

The purpose of this class is to teach women personal safety awareness techniques and hands-on defensive tactics techniques to defend themselves should they be attacked. This hands-on class can be tailored to accommodate any age group or level of ability. All women are strongly encouraged to take this class. Participants will not be asked to do anything beyond their limits. This is a very fun and energetic class provided for women that will help them have the ability to defend themselves against a threat if it arises. This class will teach you very valuable skills that could save your life.

Our self defense classes are four sessions of two hours each. All classes are offered at various times throughout the year and usually fill up quickly once they are announced. To get on a waiting list for the next available please fill out the form below and we will contact you with our next class.  All class announcements are posted to this website, our Facebook Page and local newspapers.