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Old Town Police Department

With more people able to carry concealed with no safety class we at the Old Town Police Department would like to give you a chance to come and learn about firearms safety from our firearms instructor.

We are looking to host our next two part (night) Firearms Safety class at the Old Town Police Department, if you would like to be part of it please sign up now!

Date:          December 4th and December 11th

Time:          6pm to 8pm

Location:    Old Town Police Department 150 Brunswick Street


You cannot have any prior felonies nor other disqualifying convictions
You must have an Enrollment Form on file with us

First preference will be given to those who live or work in the City of Old Town.  

If you have any questions please email Justin Angelo at jangelo@oldtownpd.org.

Here some of the comments from our previous class:

 "Excellent class, Justin was very knowledgeable"

 "I learned what to do if we have an intruder"

 "Was laid back and relaxed, able to ask questions"

Firearms Safety Class