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The old City Hall that housed the City offices, Police Department and Fire Department was renovated into a Public Safety Building starting in November 2004. A dedication ceremony was held during Riverfest 2006 to welcome the Police Department and Fire Department back into the new building. City Hall later moved into the renovated Bangor Savings Bank building on Main St.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always looking for ways to help the public understand questions that may not always seem obvious to find answers to. We try to do our best in thinking of some of the typical questions that we answer but we don't always. Please help us with some questions that we could answer and publish on this page that would be helpful for others. To ask your quesitons, please select Contact Us on the Menu. Your personal information will not be used in the questions or answers for this page.

I received a Parking Ticket, how do I pay it?

Cash or Check can be accepted. We do not do any debit or credit card processing. You can stop by the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm) to pay the ticket or mail your check to the Police Department. Please DO NOT send cash in the mail. If you've received a warning letter, please make sure you submit the return portion of your letter when sending your payment.

How do a pay or contest a Moving Violation Ticket?

We do not accept fine payments for ANY Moving Violation Tickets. Please follow the directions on the backside of your ticket for payment instructions or how to contest violations.

How do I obtain a copy of my accident report?

You can stop by the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm) to obtain one for a $10.00 charge. We accept Cash or Check only. OR you can visist and obtain a copy within 72 hours of the accident. There is a $10.00 charge for the accident report plus a $5.00 processing fee for a total of $15.00. For your convenience, you can use debit or credit cards on that website.

I need a Background Check done. Can I get one done?

Yes and No! We can only do a local background check for you if you have had any involvement with our Police Department. There will be a charge for any reports that you may need copies of. We CANNOT do a background check for other towns, cities, counties, state or out of state. We CANNOT do a Criminal Background checks and you must contact SBI (State Bureau of Identification) to have that done. Please visit their website at for more information.

I need fingerprints taken for a job. Does Old Town PD do those?

The Old Town Police Department will take your fingerprints for you at no cost IF you are a resident of Old Town OR are employed in the City of Old Town. We do not accept appointments.

My car was towed. Where do I pick it up?

If the Police Department towed your vehicle, check with Sullivan's Automotive in Old Town. If the operator requested a different service, then you will need to check with the operator of your vehicle. We DO NOT tow from private property and if your vehicle was towed from private property, you need to check with the property owner.

I locked my keys in my car. Can you help?

The Old Town Police Department can only assist you during an emergency situation; eg. If a child is locked inside the vehicle or if a pet is locked inside the vehicle on a hot day.

If I leave my vehicle on the side of the street, will it get ticketed?

November 1st to April 30th from midnight to 6am, there is a Parking Ban in affect. All vehicles left on the roadside or in a City parking lot without a permit will be ticketed. There is no ban between Spring and Fall except in posted areas.

How do I get a Parking Permit?

A Parking Permit can be obtained at the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm) during the parking ban for a $250.00 fee. To obtain a Parking Permit Application, please goto our Forms Menu and select Parking Permit App.

How do I contact Animal Control?

Please call the Regional Dispatch Center at (207) 827-6358.

How come when I called to make a complaint, I was asked so many questions?

Dispatchers are trained to obtain as much information as possible about your complaint. This is to determine the seriousness of your call and to ensure public and officer safety.

I was told that my complaint was a Civil Matter. What does that mean?

It means your complaint is not criminal in nature and must be handled through a Small Claims Court. To learn more about this process, visit Consumer's Guide to Small Claims Court.

How do I file for a Protection Order?

All Protection Orders must be filed with the Penobscot Judicial Center at 78 Exchange Street in Bangor.

There is a Street Light Out on my street. Who do I report it to?

Please make contact with the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm). We will add the street light to our list and it will be faxed to Bangor Hydro for repair during our next processing date.

How do I make a complaint about an officer?

During regular business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm), you can call the Police Department at (207) 827-3984. If you need to make contact during non-business hours, you can call the Regional Communications Center at (207) 827-6358. Please explain that you need to make a complaint against an officer and you would like to speak to a supervisor.

Can I give the Police anonymous information?

Yes, you can make an anonymous report. Please keep in mind that there could be limitations in the actions an officer can take based on case laws that are written.

How do I get a Concealed Firearms Permit?

If you are a resident of Old Town you can apply for a Concealed Firearms Permit. You need to have certification in handgun safety, certified military or currently hold an active State of Maine Concealed Firearms Permit. To obtain a Concealed Firearms Permit Application, please goto our Forms Menu and select Concealed Wpns then Firearms Permit App OR one can be obtained at the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm). A NEW Application is $75.00, a RENEWAL is $50.00 and a CHANGE of ADDRESS is $10.00.

What's Going On

  • Anonymous tips to report underage drinking can now be sent via text message or on a website tipline.  Click on 'Tipsoft' link or go to the Resources menu and select 'Tipsoft'.
  • New Website for Maine Teen Drivers. Please go to our Resources Menu and select 'Maine Teen Drivers'.
  • We participate in the National Drug Take-Back Initiative. The next Drug Take-Back day will be April 26, 2014 from 10am to 2pm. Unused or unwanted medications can also be dropped off at Old Town PD during normal business hours year round.
  • We now offer vehicle crash reports online within 72 hours of an accident. Please go to our Resources Menu and select 'Get Crash Reports'.