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Patrol Officer 

 The City of Old Town Police Department is seeking applicants interested in filling future Patrol Officer Positions. Applicants should be highly motivated and must be 20 years old with 60 college credit hours or 21 years of age. In addition, applicants must show passing scores on both the MCJA Alert test and physical agility test. Qualified applicants may also be required to pass an oral board and prior to being hired may be subjected to medical, psychological and polygraph testing as well as a complete background check.

 Applications may be obtained at the Old Town Police Department, 150 Brunswick Street, Old Town, ME 04468 or online: http://www.oldtownpd.org/employment.html  Additional information may be obtained by contacting Deputy Chief Lee Miller at 207-827-3984 or by email lmiller@oldtownpd.org.  All applications need to be returned to Deputy Chief Lee Miller.  

The City of Old Town is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Base rate of pay weekly

New Hire no academy: $776.80 ($19.42/hr)

Upon Completion of the Academy: $844.40 ($21.11/hr)

Laterally transfers up to: $954.00 ($23.85/hr)


Vacation Time:

One week during the first year

Two weeks after the completion of the first year

Three weeks after three years

Four weeks after ten years

Five weeks after fifteen years


We have 12 holidays and one floating holiday.   Holiday pay is time and half on top of getting paid for the holiday regardless if you work it.  

Physical Fitness Incentive

Up to three vacation days off per year for passing the physical fitness requirement

Sick Leave:

Sick time is accrued at eight hours per month with a maximum of 960 hours.   Upon separation, your sick time is paid out by percent depending on the length of your employment up to 50%. 

We also offer a sick day bonus, if you do not use the sick time within six month you receive an extra vacation day.  

Compensatory Time Off:

Any overtime can be compensated for compensatory time off up to 80 hours, and can be used when a replacement is not needed. 


The City of Old Town offers the Maine Public Employees Retirement System with 2/3 pay at 25 years no age or a competitive 457 plan.

All submitted resumes must include a City of Old Town Employment Application. To obtain one, please go to the link above or pick up an Employment Application at the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm).


Old Town Police Department
ATN: Employment Opportunity
150 Brunswick Street
Old Town, Maine 04468

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