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The old City Hall that housed the City offices, Police Department and Fire Department was renovated into a Public Safety Building starting in November 2004. A dedication ceremony was held during Riverfest 2006 to welcome the Police Department and Fire Department back into the new building. City Hall later moved into the renovated Bangor Savings Bank building on Main St.


Detective Norton Detective Jordan Norton
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Currently, Detective Norton serves as the investigator for the Old Town Police Department and has been with the Department since 2012. He has attended several classes in specialized training including Evidence Recovery and Processing, Advanced Photography and Drug Investigations. Detective Norton works closely with Other Agencies, Prosecutors, Social Workers and Citizens on a daily basis. Each year he investigates several Burglaries, Drug Violations, Child Pornography Cases, Computer Crimes, Child Abuse, Unattended Deaths and assists in Fire Investigations. Along with his other duties, Detective Norton is responsible for certain cases that citizens or business owners call to report. Two of the most commons complaints are Bad Checks and Rental Thefts. He also keeps in close contact with the District Attorney's Office for any open cases that involve his expertise.

If you need a Bad Check Packet, please go to our Forms Menu and select Bad Check Packet or pick up a Bad Check Packet at the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm).

If you need a Rental Theft Packet, please go to our Forms Menu and select Rental Theft Packet or pick up a Rental Theft Packet at the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm).

If you have a TIP that would help with any investigations, please select Contact Us on the Menu. Please remember that your information is important to us and will be kept strictly confidential. If you would like to remain anonymous, please indicate so in your message.

Bad Check Information

The Old Town Police Department will investigate all complaints for checks of Insufficient Funds and those marked "Account Closed". We investigate several of these types of cases on a regular basis. Check Fraud is also one of the leading white collar crimes in this area. In order to make a report for Insufficient Funds, there are some things that you MUST do that is required in order for the District Attorney's Office to prosecute any check cases. The Old Town Police Department will not initiate an investigation until the conditions are met and the requirements outlined below are fulfilled.

What You Must Do

  1. Attempt face to face contact with the check passer in an attempt to collect payment.
  2. If this fails, you must send a five day demand notice via registered mail with restricted delivery to the addressee only.
  3. Document all of your efforts to collect the check.

If your effors to collect payment fail, you must then fill out a "Bad Check Packet". This must be completed in full and contain the ORIGINAL check, a copy of the letter you sent and the post office receipt for the certified mail showing delivery or non-delivery. Return the "Bad Check Packet" to the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm). INCOMPLETE PACKETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

What We Will Do

Once a completed "Bad Check Packet" is turned in to the Police Department with all the necessary documentation, the complete packet is forwarded to the Detective Division for investigation. Generally, the Detective will try and locate the party involved and serve them a five day notice in hand and issue them a summons to court. If payment is made prior to the five day deadline, the case will not be prosecuted. If the person fails to make payment, the case is then forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Other Guidelines You Need To Know

  1. Checks older than 120 days will not be accepted for prosecution.
  2. Checks are accepted for criminal prosecution only and will not be returned once prosecution is initiated.
  3. Post dated checks or checks that you agree to hold before depositing will not be accepted.
  4. The "Bad Check Packet" must be completed legibly. Please neatly print or type.
  5. Checks stamped "Closed Account" or "Account Closed" will be accepted with the "Bad Check Packet" but will not result in prosecution unless subsequent police investigation shows that the passer knew the account was closed.
  6. A 5-day statutory demand notice must be sent to the passer in each check case by certified mail with the restricted delivery to addressee only. In the event it is a company check, the agent for the company may sign. In addition, you should attempt to make personal "face to face" contact with the passer concerning the check and document your efforts. Do not submit a check in the "Bad Check Packet" for possible prosecution unless you are satisfied that the passer intended to defraud you and that you would participate in the prosecution even if the passer attempted to pay off the check at some future date. Use only one(1) "Bad Check Packet" for each check submitted.
  7. Submit with the "Bad Check Packet" the ORIGINAL check, a copy of the bad check notice you sent and the post office receipt return showing it's delivery or non-delivery.
  8. The "Bad Check Packet" must be signed by the person in the position of responsibility, e.g. manager, cashier, owner, etc..
  9. Please return the "Bad Check Packet" and all required documentation to the law enforcement office from which it was originally obtained.

What's Going On

  • Anonymous tips to report underage drinking can now be sent via text message or on a website tipline.  Click on 'Tipsoft' link or go to the Resources menu and select 'Tipsoft'.
  • New Website for Maine Teen Drivers. Please go to our Resources Menu and select 'Maine Teen Drivers'.
  • We participate in the National Drug Take-Back Initiative. The next Drug Take-Back day will be April 26, 2014 from 10am to 2pm. Unused or unwanted medications can also be dropped off at Old Town PD during normal business hours year round.
  • We now offer vehicle crash reports online within 72 hours of an accident. Please go to our Resources Menu and select 'Get Crash Reports'.