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The old City Hall that housed the City offices, Police Department and Fire Department was renovated into a Public Safety Building starting in November 2004. A dedication ceremony was held during Riverfest 2006 to welcome the Police Department and Fire Department back into the new building. City Hall later moved into the renovated Bangor Savings Bank building on Main St.

Citizens Police Academy

- "Understanding through Education" -



The goal for the Citizens Police Academy is not to train the public as new police officers but intead to familiarize the public with how the Police Department operates with it's policies and procedures. Classes are held by a variety of highly trained officer from several agencies to provide different viewpoints and expertise on the performance of an officers duties.

We as a department realize that we could not be effective without the help and cooperation of the public. The design of this Academy will facilitate a healthier and mutually beneficial relationship between the public and the police. Also, we hope to eliminate any misconceptions the public may have of police officers and do away with any negative connotations of police work. As part of the community, we strive for a strong working relationship with each other and to provide effective and efficient services for a police force to better serve you.

Some elements of the course will involve hands-on role-playing. Participants will be involved in mock vehicle stops, arrests, investigations, court appearances and use of force demonstrations.

General Information

Our Academy will be a twelve week program and will meet once a week for three-hour sessions. There is absolutely no cost to take the course. To Apply, please go to our Forms Menu and select CPA Enrollment or pick up an Enrollment Form at the Police Department. All completed Enrollment Forms can be mailed to us (instructions on the form) or dropped off at the Police Department during normal business hours (M-F 7am-3:30pm).

There will be various Officers from here and other agencies along with other people involved with law enforcement that will make make presentations over the course topics we cover. At the completion of the course, we will hold a graduaction ceremony during the last week and Family and Friends can be invited.

Our Next Scheduled Academy

We are looking to host our next Police Academy, if you would like to be part of it please sign up now!

DATE:           February 2016

DAY:              Wednesday

TIME:            6PM

WHERE:        Old Town Police Department

DEADLINE:   January 2016


Topics Covered

Comments From Our Our Previous Graduates

"I think what you taught was great. A lot of the citizens don't realize how much is involved with being a police officer."

"It helps to actually see what you guys (and gals) do."

"I was very pleased (and overwhelmed at times) at the education and training our police force has. I found all officers helpful and with great personalities"

"I'd recommend they get involved. It's more exciting that way."


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We hope to see you at our next Academy!

What's Going On

  • We are looking to start a citizen police academy in February of 2016, if you live or work in Old Town and would like more information please follow our program link to the citizen police academy.  
  • Anonymous tips to report underage drinking can now be sent via text message or on a website tipline.  Click on 'Tipsoft' link or go to the Resources menu and select 'Tipsoft'.
  • We now offer vehicle crash reports online within 72 hours of an accident. Please go to our Resources Menu and select 'Get Crash Reports'.