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Old Town Police Department

The Old Town Police Department has established a means to organize and file names of community members who are afflicted with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autism and other forms of illness. The purpose of this file is to help us locate caregivers and/or family members in the event a person/patient is found and they are unable to communicate to an officer or are confused as to where they belong. Also, if we should receive a report of a missing person/patient, we will already have the basic information and photo available to assist us in identifying the individual.

The Penobscot Regional Communication Center created a program in 2015 to help assist with this program, called the wandering program. It provides a critical network of real time information including a photograph to Law Enforcement, which assists in locating individuals prone to wander due to Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia or other mental/medical conditions. To participate you MUST register your loved one. Registration is simple, FREE and takes just a few minutes. Information is secure and private. Saves valuable time when SECONDS count. Alerts officers to potential triggers and ways to calm the individual. You have two options to register. Please click the link below or contact our department to sign your loved one up.

Information We Need

Name of Person/Patient
Date of Birth of Person/Patient
Address of Person/Patient
Phone number of Person/Patient
Height, Weight, Hair Color and Eye Color of Person/Patient
Does the Person/Patient have any Scars, Marks or Tattoos?
What is the Person/Patient At Risk for: Alzheimers, Dementia, Autism or Other Condition?
Medical Conditions the Person/Patient may have
Does the Person/Patient have any Cautions, Harm to Themselves or Others?
Name of the Physician caring for the Person/Patient
Hospital Preference for the Person/Patient
Name of the Care Provider for the Person/Patient
Address and Phone Number of the Care Provider
Name of an Emergency Contact Person
Address and Phone Number of Emergency Contact Person
A photo of the Person/Patient
Any other information that you feel might be helpful to us

Click the Link above to go to wandering database

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