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Old Town Police Department

Integrity:  We are committed to making the right decisions for the right reasons
Teamwork: We work together to achieve greatness
Accountability: We take ownership in what we do and do the job right
Compassion: We are sympathetic to those in distress and crisis
Courage: To do what is necessary, right and just in all situations

Core Values

It is the vision of the Old Town Police Department to exemplify leadership, professionalism and trust within the community. To enhance the quality of life for the citizens that we have sworn to protect and to treat the citizens in our community with the dignity and respect they deserve.

To protect the constitutional, civil and human rights of the citizens working, living in and visiting our community. We will partnership with our community to prevent, reduce and eliminate crime and neighborhood problems by providing a fair professional and respectful police service. We will enforce all state, federal and local laws with integrity, dignity and compassion.